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We are representatives of the French company SACRIA -  manufacturer of high quality baling presses for waste materials - paper, plastic, stretch-foil, aluminum, etc. The wide variety of horizontal or vertical completion, as well as different sizes and downforce levels, ensure their application in various industrial fields. The balers are compact, easy to use and ensure reliable, longlasting and trouble-free operation.



Предлагаме на Вашето внимание биоклиматичните перголи на испанската фирма Gimenez Ganga

Те имат висока функционална и естетическа стойност, благодарение на отличните си характеристики и в много случаи стават незаменими през цялата година.


Products for facades, windows, sealants and repairs

We offer high quality products for facades, windows, sealants and repairs from Bosig - Germany. All of them are extremely easy to use, save time and money and have excellent insulation and sealing properties. The products are certified and meet all European requirements.

Products of Bosig – Germany for facades, Windows, seals and repairs


Stainless steel hardware

fittings of stainless steel AISI 316We are representatives / local partner of Herrayma - a Spanish company who is market leader, with more than 25 years in the production of fittings and hardware of stainless steel AISI 316.

We offer a diverse portfolio of hardware for WC cabins, shower and urinal partitions walls.


HPL panels

We are local partner for the Austrian company FunderMax - leader in the production of HPL panels. We offer a high-quality constructions product, with exceptional resistance, which is produced according to standard EN 438-6 type EDF.

The panels are available in different sizes, thicknesses and decorations. Their characteristics make them excellent product for long lasting use with different applications - in facades, balconies and railings, also for furniture, benches, sun protection and more.

This product can also be used and for various interior finishes, sanitary partitions walls and WC cabins. The options for custom décor solutions are limited only by your imagination.