Horizontal and vertical balers

We are representatives of the French company SACRIA - a manufacturer of high quality presses for baling waste materials - paper, plastic, stretch film, aluminum and more. The wide variety of horizontal or vertical options, as well as the different size and clamping force of the machines, ensure their application in different industries. The presses are compact, easy to use and guarantee reliable and trouble-free operation.


  • Save time: baling waste "at source" reduces the number of operations within pre- Space saving: the press takes up very little space.
  • Cost reduction: compacting materials in bales reduces transport costs.
  • Adding value to waste materials: sorted and baled waste materials can be sold profitably to recycling companies. The dimensions of the bales are ideal for optimal transport load.
  • Safety: proper storage of waste materials is ensured and thus the potential risk of fire is limited.
Product name
Product name